Wednesday, May 10, 2006


How could I forget to tell you the good news!!

I got (almost) all of the yarn from the longest project ever unknit! I even washed it all a couple of weekends ago! There are right now about 4 skeins (still) hanging on hangers in our laundry closet. I wound the smallest one a while ago, because it was so small. I made a sort of nostprinde out of a paper towel tube. Then, I think, Monday night, I wound up a regular sized skein into a ball and started knitting it. This project might be done this year, after all!!! Maybe even before the fall starts and I can wear it. What is that, wear it??? OH! Is that what you are supposed to do with knitted items??? Wear them, not just let them sit around on the needles? Cough-cough-MARIAH-cough-cough.

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