Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Busy weekend

Well, it was a busy weekend. DeAndre' was getting his First Communion on Sunday so he had practice on Saturday. He also had a soccer game on Saturday. Malik had his birthday party on Saturday.

Lots of pictures

If her eating is any indication, Ayanna won't be tiny for long:

I have knitting updates, tho not much. I am close to done with the leg of the red sock that will be mine. This is sock #2 and all of the ends are woven in, but not cut, because I didn't take my scissors with me on lunch. There is an extra pair of ends on this project because the yarn had a break in it.

I found the black socks I lost - right there in the garage where I last had them. I am done with all of the heel. Just stright st. st. on the foot. This is also the second sock. I haven't been working on much else. There are a few groups I might go visit, soon, to get more knit time in.

Debbie Stoller will be at Powell's tonight to promote Happy Hooker. She didn't come like she was supposed to for SnB Nation, and I don't personally have much interest in crochet, but I will be going and bringing both my SnB books for her to sign. More on that (hopefully) tomorrow.

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