Wednesday, June 21, 2006


I am sick to DEATH of my boss. That is all on that subject, now to other things.

I finished almost all of the baby tunic. I did all the knitting, and all the weaving in of ends. I made an I-cord chain for the hood. All that is left is putting the chain in the hood. This is my quickest project EVER!! I bought pattern and yarn on Mother's day. Needed needles. Bought needles on June 8 - cast on. Finished hood on June 13. Needed dpn for sleeves. Bought dpn on June 17. Finished knitting on June 20.

I may change my mind and enter it into the State Fair, instead of the blanket.

I got a pic of the Roving Larissa gave me

This week, Portland Parks and Recreation is offering free swim lessons. In order to sign up, you had to be at the pool at 8:00 (before that if you wanted a good place in line). There I was - knitting in hand. All three kids are in swimming lessons every evening this week. Ayanna's class is sort of a Mommy and Me class. I took some pics yesterday. I can't very well take pics of Ayanna's class, as I am in the water with her, but -


Has anyone ever told you that it is really hard to get a pic (especially on a crappy camera) of a moving object? Please note that Malik used to be TERRIFIED of water. Now he is jumping into the 12 foot end!

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