Monday, June 12, 2006

Part 2

The first ride the boys took was:

This super big slide. I don't know, I might go on this one next year.

Up next was:

The fun house

This next thing they went round and round to some real loud music:

This was a swing that went up and out.

This one won't happen again for awhile. At least not for DeAndre'. I was scared, DeAndre' was scared, and even Marcus (who NEVER gets scared with the boys) was scared.

DeAndre' decided he needed a break, so Marcus and Malik went on the next ride.

Then DeAndre' took me on this ride next. Very tame.

Ok. End of fun center report until next year.

On to knitting. I started this Knitting Pure and Simple Baby Tunic Thursday so I could have something easy for KIP while at fun center and parade. This is where I was last night.

We went to Target yesterday, and look what I found:

That is it on my lap. It was in the dollar section for Father's Day. It is supposed to be used on the golf course, those holders in the front are supposed to be for your tees. I probably won't use them. It has a main pocket that cinches up, and a pocket on the outside that holds my pattern, and whatever tools are most important. Then there is a hook thing for clipping on your belt loop!! All for $1!!!

And for scale:

I got a replacement spindle today in the mail. Much better hook this time. I am going to go to the LYS for State Fair Along-ing.

Report on that to come tomorrow.

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