Sunday, June 11, 2006


Me?!? Post on a Sunday?!?

We went to the parade and the fun center yesterday. Also, yesterday I downloaded the pics off my camera. NEVER downloaded the pics the same day i took them - especailly almost 100 of them.

So - here goes:

The boys really did have fun, no matter what thier faces say here.

Try as she might, Ayanna got no sleep.

There were lots of these - pooper scooper entries.

This was the coolest float, ever. There are two Bikers in there. They went around and around that ball.

Same float - amazing!

One of my favorites - Clydesdales.

Look - Llamas

After the parade, we went to the fun center.

The boys got to have fun at the Radio Disney tent.

It seems that Blogger won't let me post any more pics. I will try again later. I have KIP update, too.

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