Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I’m sooo excited…

...And I just can’t hide it.

Ok, so I live in Portland, Oregon. Home of the Portland Rose Festival. This is a yearly occurrence. It gets a bit of a bad rap, cause a lot of the times the rains come right about the same time. Rose Festival is my favorite time of year! Tomorrow, is the Jr. Rose Festival Parade. (I don’t get to go, but the boys get to go with my step-dad, cause school closes early.)

The biggest deal, though will be Saturday. The Grand Floral Parade starts at 10:00. After that we will go to the Fun Center. For more on this, you can read Casey’s post. We are also going to check out the Navy ships. It also happens to be KIP day, which, of course, I will be KIP all day. There is a group here locally who are trying to get some KIPers at the parade. I’ll be there, regardless. And the weather forecast this morning was for Saturday to be 75 and sunny! (Of course, the forecast 4 days out usually changes 4 times, so I am still a little weary about all my dreams coming true.)

So, all this excitement is taking place in my head all morning after I hear the weather forecast. Then I get the mail at work. I don’t remember giving the lady my work address, but I must have. I won on eBay (Sing like “I lost on Jeopardy.”). This. I got it today. It actually looks like

…in real life. I must admit, I am a little bit disappointed at the smaller than I expected amount of roving. Plus, the hook at the top was bent when I got it. The hook is very pliable, so I was able to bend it back, but that makes me nervous about how well it will hold up. But, now I get to spin! More excitement today and it wasn’t even 9:30, yet. I really should have had this sent to the house, cause now I REALLY don’t want to work. I am going to go to the LYS at lunch and see if they can help me figure it out. I don’t know if anyone there knows how to use it, but I will see.

I joined two KnitAlongs over the weekend. I even updated my blog to reflect this. The first: State Fair Knit a Long. I don’t know the rules, yet, but this would be neat to knit something and enter it in the state fair. I am going to enter my blanket I am making from Knitty Gritty.

Second: Summer of Stash. Thankfully, I bought my spindle and roving before I found this Knit a Long. Of course as soon as I joined this, I got an e-Newsletter from a LYS telling me all about their Christmas in July festivities. They are having free classes all month long, but you have to pre-register and then buy the materials there. And I just remembered that I wanted to make Christmas Stockings for everyone. I have lots of stash yarn, but nothing Christmas-y. Oh, I get two exceptions. Ok. That’s easy, one will be an exception for yarn for Christmas stockings. Notice, I kept it very limited - yarn for Christmas stockings, not Christmas presents, but stockings.


larissa said...

Hi there,

I think you just won yourself a whole bunch of roving. You are going to need more than that (!) and I have a LOT. All you need to do to claim it is come to the knitalong some Thursday night at Abundant Yarn at 7 pm. Or if you can't do that, let me know your address.


knittinmom said...

Hey, another State Fair-alonger! I figure if nothing else, this will give me an excuse to actually GO to the fair this year... I love me some fairs! And score on the drop spindle - I have resisted the siren song of the spinning wheel so far, but who knows how much longer that will last... Have fun KIP-ing - wish I could join you guys but we're camping at the coast!