Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Happy Anniversary to me!

Well, actually, to us, and, actually, tomorrow, not today. (Is that enough commas?) 3 years.

I unexpectedly received a little bit of money out of the blue last week. Our anniversary is tomorrow so I decided we both needed gifts. Now, I realize that he is supposed to buy for me, but neither of us would have gotten any gifts if it weren't for this surprise money, so I decided to buy something for him and something for me. So I promptly made two purchases. The first was to GI Joe's. My DH has never had any golf shoes. He will have these as soon as they arrive - should have already been here, but soon (I hope).

The second purchase was (of course) to KnitPicks. It came today.

5 skeins each Wool of the Andes: red, cloud and evergreen. These will be Christmas stockings for Christmas.

3 balls each of Pallette in red and black. Socks

2 hanks of Shadow lace weight in color Jewels for an as yet undetermined shawl.

I just realized that this was detrimental to my SoSkal, but the Christmas stockings were preplanned and an exception, so I excuse myself of that, the rest was to add up to $40 for free shipping, plus I didn't really spend my money, right? Ok, justification, over.

I have progress on my lace scarf for the Amazing Lace.

This is actually not the "right" side, but between taking forever to scan and even longer to upload, this is all you get. It needs to be blocked desprately, though, so it is not a good pic, anyway. I needs to be straight at the bottom, not angled like it is, so... At least you can see the progress.

Daycare has people come in and take pictures of the kids every year. I got Ayanna's pictures back yesterday. These pictures are $12.50 per sheet, and we just had her pics done, so we won't pay for any of these except the class picture, but... they are scanned!

I am currently seeking new employment. I have had two interviews so far this week. Both of them went well. One is a lot more money, but I don't actually think I am qualified for it, so we will see. The other one is more money AND less hours. Think good thoughts.

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