Thursday, February 03, 2005

Almost TGIF

However, it is sure not shaping up to be a good day. Before I even got on the train this morning, my day was already shot. First of all, there are two trains I can catch, the one I like to catch but usually miss, and the one I ususally catch. The first one is simply a little earlier and I like that. I drove into the park & ride, and saw the train I wanted going by - not only does that mean I have to catch the second one, I have to wait outside in the cold for it to come. Nope, gonna stay in the car until the second one gets closer. While in the car, I remember that I forgot to wear a jacket to work. I am always cold at work, and I wore a short sleeve dress. I meant to grab a jacket, but forgot! I forgot my phone at home. I forgot my kit of knitting tools, which means if I drop a stitch, I better figure out a way without a crochet hook to get it. I listen to books on tape on the way in and again on the way out. I had my walkman, but the tape in it was already on side two and almost done. I finished it in no time, and had no replacement. Then I get in to work, and my boss asks me a question (before I have even had coffee) and doesn't tell me what he is talking about - something like "what is this?" Doesn't tell me what this is, just points to the copier, because he is copying something. I am supposed to know what he is referring to without looking at it and without the benefit of coffee. Now I just realized I am supposed to meet my step-father at Walgreens with a picture CD so he can make copies of the pictures - guess what I forgot at home.


Yesterday I finished the sleeve for my brother's sweater. Now on to weaving in ends, blocking, and seaming. I got to the start of the decreases of the toe of my sock. I will finish that tonight. I got the first shipment of my Barnes & Noble order yesterday when I got home. I got "The Knit Stitch" and "The Purl Stitch."


Well, like I said yesterday, DeAndré got to pick whatever he wanted to eat for dinner. He picked Top Ramen. He really liked his penguin I knitted him. It was the last thing he opened. Penguins are his favorite, so first he saw a penguin and was excited. Then he realized I knit it and he looked so honored. He didn't let go of it for the rest of the night. Good times!

Purling Puppies Ring

I wanted to be a member of the Purling Puppies Ring, but I didn't know how to add buttons. Now that I do, I have to post a picture of my dog (such a hardship!) Her name is Maisy. She is 4 1/2. We have had her for two years. We got her from the pound. We are pretty sure she was abused. I have no proof of this. The facts are as follows... She is a girl. When I picked her out I thought she was a boy, cause she had one of those leather collars that had studs all around it. I picked her out on a Sunday, but I couldn't take her home until Wednesday because the pound said they had to take her to get her fixed. When I picked her up, she had awful dandruff and she needed a bath. She couldn't take a bath for a week because she had had surgery. She had a foster mom before me who informed me that she doesn't like men much. She had a foster mom because she had just given birth. So, she was in the pound with (but kept separate from) her puppies. Her name used to be Mugs. I think the people who owned her before thought she was a boy and expected her to stay outside for long periods of time. When she got "knocked up" they took her to the pound. So, she was taken to the pound in October, then moved to a foster home, then brought back to the pound, then separated from her babies, then went home with me. She was terrified of my boys - then ages 4 and 7. She jumped at anything. It took her about 3 months until she barked. Now, she lets the boys pet her. She loved my husband from the moment she laid eyes on him. The dandruff means she is really scared! Now, the reveal:

My baby girl Posted by Hello

Purling Puppies Posted by Hello

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Violet said...

great job on the buttons. Sorry that you had a yucky morning. Your 'baby girl' is beautiful!