Tuesday, February 22, 2005


Well, we weren't able to get our camera phones this weekend. So you will have to wait until some future date. SORRY!

I want in!

There was a mention in this post that I might see some tea if I posted a link to Adagio website, so being the cheap slut I am, I am posting away in hopes of free stuff! I have never tried their tea, and until reading afore-mentioned blog, I never heard of them, I would like to try it.

I had a hard weekend. WIP update. There were three things on my list to finish. One was my brother's sweater. Thanks to Rose, the sweater was finished in time for giving - one checked off my list. Another item was my blue cardigan. There is a huge flaw in my cardigan! The pattern is top-down. The sleeves are left live and picked up later. However, the holes are not big enough to be sleeves. I REALLY don't want to frog the whole thing and re knit it. It was really hard to finish knitting this as it is stockinette stitch all the way around. Like 200 stitches. I had to force myself to finish all that mindless stockinette. It got old, fast. I wanna wear it. I know there is such thing as steeking, but I do not know how to do it. I am not sure I want to guess on this sweater. Last but not least, Mariah. I had more than 11" done on the sleeve when I had to pull it out. I cried! Someday I will be experienced enough at cables (hopefully) that I can frog back just enough to fix a big gap in the cables, but I had to frog back all the way to where the middle knot work started. Then I took it to my stitch n bitch meeting and lost my place and had to frog again. Then Sunday evening I had to frog again. I am not mad, because I know it is new and I am learning. I am not even frustrated as much as I should be. However, I know it is time to take a break from Mariah in order to get some perspective. Right now, she is sitting on the coffee table so I do not forget her.

I have shoulder length hair. I hate it!

Jenni Posted by Hello

I am going to get it cut. SHORT!

Me & Marcus Posted by Hello

I had it short most of my life. About four years ago I decided to grow it out. I can't get it to do anything I like. (Except when it is in pony tail and is holding a DPN, cable needle, or yarn needle. That is quite handy.) I told myself I would cut it either when it got warmer out or when I got around to making myself a hat and scarf set. I cast on for the scarf Sunday night. It is teal and a K3P2 rib with garter stitch edging. I might get my hair cut before the weekend. I am not telling my DH - he will be happy - I wanna just walk in the house with short hair. I can't wait to see his face.

My Secret Pal hadn't sent me anything since we were assigned, and I got worried, so I sent a note to the Moderator, and it is a good thing I did, because I found out that my pal had been trying to send me messages, but kept getting error messages back, so I gave the moderator my work email address and today I had a card from my secret pal in my email box - THANKS WHOEVER YOU ARE!!!

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K said...

Sorry you had to frog Mariah so many times... that just bites! I'm not sure if i"m up to going to Yarn Garden tonight..I'm PMSy (never bodes well for us infertile types) and very cranky... not a time to make a new friend. There will come a wednesday that i'mnot busy or feeling crappy, and we can meet!