Thursday, February 17, 2005

Friday Eve....

That makes me feel better about Thursdays.

I got a couple of comments on my post from yesterday that I wanted to reply to. K asked what yarn I am using for Mariah. It is Cascade 22o I got on Ebay. As far as I can tell, it is true red. I never saw a color name on the label. I have a label at home.

Also Violet told me that people read my blog regularly. I feel so honored. I have been writing mostly for me, hoping that someone does what I do when I find a new blog - read from the beginning.

Usually on Wednesdays I take my boys to the church class they take and then go to my LYS and knit with whoever is there, but lately it has been sooo busy. So, I walked in, bought some double point 2's and 1's, looked at some yarn, found some stitch markers, paid and walked out. Then, I went to another yarn store, looked around, checked out thier new coffee shop, bought some yarn for a hat and scarf for me, some yarn for my secret pal, and walked out. Then I went to church to pick up the boys. I had enough time left over to knit a bit while I waited. I usually get more knitting done on Wednesdays. There is also a SnB group that meets near my job at lunch, but I got to talking to a co-worker and couldn't leave in time. However, I am a little more than 11 inches up the sleeve on Mariah. She is working up much faster. There are some mistakes in it, but for my first cable project, she looks GREAT! The second sleeve will look better.


Violet said...

I like Friday eve! Works for me! I keep up on your blog easily since I have subscribed to bloglines. Email me if you want more info on that. Looking forward to seeing more of your Mariah. I need to work on mine this weekend.

K said...

i read you through bloglines too.. so I know everytime you update.. it's like stalking, but not creepy. ;)

I think we are knitting the same sweater.. same yarn... same color! we'd better not both show up to the oscars in it. ;)

Hopefully next wednesday we can meet up. Mariah has been sidelined for me... see my blog for why.