Monday, February 14, 2005


Well, I finally got Ben's sweater finished!! I finished seaming it on Friday night, and blocked it on Saturday. I think it was probably still damp when he opened it, but maybe not. He opened it to lots of ooohhhs and aaahhhss and passed it around to even more oooohhhhs and aaaahhhhs. My dad was the first to ask if I made it. And then said it was good. That is the first time he has complimented my work - I beamed! I know he had been proud of me before, but this is the first time he has conveyed this. I called Ben yesterday to find out about fit, and he was very pleased. He is a bit tall, therefore, his arms are a bit long and cause him some trouble with clothing often. However, even though I didn't realize this while I was making the sweater, it fit perfectly, he said.

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My friend, Jennifer, came down from Ft. Lewis with her digital camera, which is why you get pics today - the camera phones we probably won't get until Friday or so. Therefore, here is my husband in his birthday vest.

My husband's vest Posted by Hello

Jennifer's baby came with her...

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Just for good measure, here is Marcus, with his vest, the happiest baby I have ever seen, and the spoiled pooch.

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Boy was it funny to have a baby in the house! We had a dog and a 7 year old who were extremely jealous! My baby (not the dog) who is now 7 loves acting like a baby - even though it drives me crazy! People have always told him how beautiful his blue eyes are. Perfect strangers on the street comment. He has heard it so much that he says "I hate it when people say that." Malik and DeAndre' were with the baby and Malik noticed that this baby had blue eyes, too - just like his brother. So, he said "DeAndre, look, she has blue eyes like you!" DeAndre' looked and said "They don't look blue to me!"

Then the dog - whenever I would talk to the baby (I guess I should mention her name is Maya) I would say stuff like "Pretty girl" and "Baby" - of course, these are names my dog answers to. She was very annoyed. Then Marcus would have the nerve to hold the baby. She really didn't like that. Maisy would jump up on him every time.


Agnes said...

So I can see that Amie's suggestion in KR forum worked really well for you! I haven't read the previous posts on this sweater ... but is the pattern from Lion Brand? I think it looks really great.

Jenni said...

Thanks! Yes, it is Lion Brand -

Amie said...

LOL! Okay okay! It was on time, so e-mail me an address, and give me a week, and I'll send you your 4 oz of handspun!

Looks great!!!!

xmasberry said...

nice job! that is a neat sweater.

can you email me (i have an email link on my profile) about the zip-it cardigan along? i can't add people without their email address. (it seems like i should be able to add people by profile name, but i can't).


K said...

Cute hubby. cute dog. :)
I don't know about wednesday.. we are doing the med stuff for our life insurance that evening, and don't know when it will be done.
What about thursday? mabels can be pretty packed, so we can always meet somewhere else!