Wednesday, February 09, 2005


I have started to not love knitting. I couldn't figure out why until last night. I have never - you read right - never made anything for myself. Plus, my brother’s sweater is driving me crazy (I know, not a long trip). Last night I was working on it and realized that the stripes from the front to the back were not lining up. So, I had to take the seam out and start again. I need to get this WIP finished, along with the cardigan for me that has been waiting for nearly 3 years!! It was supposed to be like my second project. I wasn’t ready for it when I started it, and I didn’t work on it for a long time cause I didn’t know what I was doing. Then it didn’t have a deadline. I found it last night and started by ripping out the (what do you call it? Where the buttons/button holes are gonna go?). I picked up stitches there wrong last time I worked on it. After reading Jodi's blog, and seeing her vow to finish 9 WIP’s, I am going to try to be done with this cardigan by…it shouldn’t take long after I do the what-do-you-call-them-again’s (both sides need to be done) I just have the sleeves. It is a top down cardigan in my favorite blue. I will love it when it is done. Then I am going to finish Mariah. Then I will have two things for myself. And that dang blasted sweater for Ben will be finished shortly, which should all help out my knitting funk.

Wish me luck. Kick me in the pants.

I'm sorry (change of topic) - who didn't already know this? They had to commission a study for this?????

Study finds unloaded, locked-up guns safer

Gun owners who store their weapons unloaded and locked up and separately from their ammunition significantly reduce the risk that children will shoot themselves or another child, a study has found. University of Washington researchers looked at 106 shootings by children and teens younger than 20 in Washington, Oregon and Missouri, comparing gun-storage details in those cases with storage in 480 houses where no shooting took place. They found that guns involved in child shootings were 73 percent less likely to be in locked storage than in other houses, and 70 percent less likely to be stored unloaded. The guns used in shootings were also 61 percent less likely to have ammunition locked up and 55 percent less likely to be stored separately from ammunition.
"In summary, storing household guns as locked, unloaded, or separate from the ammunition is associated with significant reductions in the risk of unintentional and self-inflicted firearm injuries and deaths among adolescents and children," the authors write in today's Journal of the American Medical Association.


The sleeve is like so:

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