Wednesday, March 30, 2005


As a disclaimer, before I write the rest of this, I need to say that there is a definite need for sexual harassment rules and laws. Sexual harassment should never happen! I believe this with all my heart. However, there is such thing as simple misunderstandings as well a women who will use these rules to get their way.

As I said before, my DH was fired from Comcast. When they fired him they said it was because he was doing something wrong (they were specific, but I will spare you these details). What he was doing wrong, he was doing the way he was told and the way everyone else in his department was doing it. They told him this was why they were firing him along with gave him a memo stating this was why they were firing him.

Cut to three weeks later when he still hasn’t received his unemployment checks. Apparently, Comcast was trying to claim that he was fired for sexual harassment. There was a sexual harassment claim made against him last March. It was unfounded, and only he said/she said. Also, because I know my husband better than all of them combined, he didn’t do it. In this case, he said something to another guy about the guy’s fiancĂ©. The guy was showing off his fiancĂ© to my DH, and my DH was commenting positively on her looks. Some woman was walking within earshot of them and assumed my DH was talking about her. She then ran to Human Resources.

Unemployment followed up and then decided to pay my husband his unemployment. Comcast then decided to appeal this decision. Now my DH has to get a lawyer and attend a hearing. Comcast turned in a letter to unemployment stating what had happened. The following quote is taken directly from this letter: “On March 18, 2004… Due to the severity of the claimant’s actions his employment was terminated immediately.” Now, my definition of “immediately” is not ten months later. My DH was fired January 20, 2005.

I just needed to vent. I will update you after the hearing on April 7.

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