Friday, March 25, 2005

Spring Break

Today is the last day of Spring Break here, so the office has been pretty quiet this week. Out of the 6 people that work in our space, 3 are out for Spring Break, one is out for her second week of some art thing - she is an artist who has a day job as a receptionist, my boss has been in all week, but today had to drive to a clients location. Each way is a 6 hour drive, and taking a plane wouldn't have saved him any time, so he is gone all day. In case you lost track, that leaves me here today all by myself. HOW NICE! Friday is normally jeans, but dressed up jeans. Today, I made the executive decision to wear jeans, tennis shoes, and a sweatshirt! My radio is not up loud, but louder than normal. The only downside is I have some filing to catch up on. I HATE filing!!!!! There is no reason to hate filing. It is easy, there is no brain cells used up, so, why do I hate it so. Well, I do. With every fiber of my being. I have done some. I even fixed some files that were in a bit of a mess. Yeah for me! Now if I could finish, then I could feel a HUGE sense of accomplishment. Therefore, I am blogging!!!!

Easter weekend means easter egg hunts, easter bunny visiting, dying eggs, making that last minute trip to buy the stuff I haven't bought yet. Waking up at Oh' God-Thirty to hide the eggs. SOUNDS LIKE FUN!!!!

I have made good progress on my Dad's sweater. One sleeve is done, and the back is about 7" up. I have stalled out on Mariah. I think I am a bit intimidated by all the problems people seem to be having with the yoke. I know a lot of people have finished it, and I am making the same size Jodi made, so if the problem in the pattern comes from her upsizing, that shouldn't affect me, but still it sits in the basket, waiting to be a sweater. I want to start Hourglass, but I only have one set of size 7's and they are in Mariah. I have two socks started - that doesn't mean that I am a good sock maker and I am working both socks at the same time, I mean I am making one sock from Stashbuster Sprial and one sock from my Secret Pal gift yarn. One is toe up and the other is not. So much for my WIP challenge! Maybe something this weekend?

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