Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Bad Knit a Longs

I never realized I didn't push the post button on this post until today, March 14. So, here you go...

Well, I am stuck, again, on Mariah. Which, I believe (not really), gives me every right to join 3, what!!!???, yes 3 new Knit a Longs...

Bunny A Long I can make a present for my cousin who's birthday is in April
Gansey A Long I wanna make me one of these
Tshirt A Long Summer is coming, after all! Plus, it could work (after some modifications) for my Dad's June Bday

I think knitting is addictive, I believe cables are addictive, because I have had no desire to work on anything stockinette since I started Mariah, socks are not addictive to me, yet, but I could see how they could be after I have successfully done a few pairs. However, it seems that Knit A Longs are the most addictive of all!!!

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