Monday, March 21, 2005


I hope Blogger works this time. I don't mean to have two pictures of the same book on my page, but... (praying)

So much for Mariah this weekend. I ordered the yarn for my Dad’s sweater on Wednesday, according to the web site, it shipped on Thursday. I got it on Friday!!! I couldn’t believe it. I ordered the cheapest shipping available! They said like 10 days or something. I am sooo glad I was cheap and ordered the cheap shipping. I would have been upset if I ordered the expensive shipping, and found out that it would have taken the same amount of time.

Anyway, so in my excitement, I started right in on this. I started with the sleeves. Almost done with the first one, and found out that I don’t have enough yarn. I bought 4 skeins, and am not done with the first sleeve, but ready to start the third skein. I hope it won’t be too much trouble to get more dyelot. I am dead on gauge, and bought a bit more than the required yardage, which makes me fear that I will need more of all four colors. The real problem is that my funds are low until payday on the 31st. I wonder if they would hold them for me for 10 days.

I thought about doing the sleeves both at the same time, but of course didn’t think about it until I was a couple of inches in. I guess it is a good thing as my stitches on just the one sleeve kept falling off the ends of the needles. Two sleeves would have fallen off for sure! I guess I need a longer circular size 6 needle - oh, I need!

So, my dad’s birthday is not until June 8, and my son’s birthday is April 28. Why am I still not finished with Malik’s present? I think I started it in February. So, since I had guilt, I worked on Malik’s present. I need a little help, so I had to stop.

In my blogging travels, I found this get together Deb is attempting to put together. Portlanders - take note!

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Violet said...

Hi Jen!

What yarn did you buy? You can usually check the quantities and dye lots right on elann's website.

Glad that you got your purchase right away. I love elann!