Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Bad Knitting!

So yesterday was a very frustrating knitting evening. I was working on my sock from the yarn my SP4 sent me, and I got to a point in the pattern (Hellen’s favorite socks) that I don't quite understand (this being only my second pair of socks). So, I decided to work on something else (the best reason, ever, IMHO, to have lots of projects on the needles). I wanted to work on Malik's teddy bear that is due, now, in two weeks. I was stuck, but I asked at my new LYS and they walked me through it, so I thought I could do it. Turns out I was right and they were wrong. (Mind you, they had the book to look at, but I just dropped in, last minute, and didn't bring the project with me, so they only had the book.) So, I decided to cast on for my DS's sock, since he approved of the yarn. I am holding off my decision until I have worked at least an inch in the pattern, but I had to start over something like 4 times, and right now it is just a ball of yarn and some dpn's sitting next to it. Needless to say, I accomplished NOTHING!!!

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HomeJewel said...

Thanks, Jen, I'll have to swallow hard and venture into Michael's - lol. So, how do you like the new Knit Purl shop? It's great to see all the new stores opening up.