Monday, April 18, 2005

Long post

So, Thursday night I got a gift from my Secret Pal. It was some great Knit Picks Color your Own yarn, some Kool-Aid, some Starburst which my husband LOVED! (I did, too.), and some wonderful smelling soaps! I took pictures on my phone, but for some reason I can't get them to send.

I was going to post about this on Friday, but I thought I might have some news, but I didn't know for sure, so I knew if I posted, I would blab. So, I bit my tounge. However, now I KNOW I have some news, so I will share. Sometime around December 17, there will be a new addition to our family. I'm so excited that I went to Target on Sunday and registered. I don't want to tell my job, yet, since Marcus doesn't have a job right now (looking, but not finding). April 28 is Bring your Child to Work Day, and Malik is coming with me, and he has a big mouth, so I can't tell the boys until after that. Also, the 28th is Malik's tenth birthday!!!

I thought this would be longer, but I guess not.


HomeJewel said...

Aww - such wonderful news! I always enjoyed the private days of knowing there was a little treasure growing inside me before the news was made public. Very exciting! Congratulations, Jen :)

dragon knitter said...

congrats! hoping for a girl, or just healthy? both are great. i've got 2 of each. any morning sickness yet? i wasn't sick with the girls, but i was with the boys. better start knitting itty bitties, lol

shetha said...

Congrats!!! I know you probably don't remember me from the yarn swap but I remember you, I think. I wanted to say that Malik was def. in the running for our little guy but he was named Andrew instead. I'm middle eastern so I was wanting to keep some middle eastern names in mind, and Malik is my husband's fave. I'll be sending some good job-hunting vibes to your hubby. I remember my dh lost his job in some horrible misunderstanding that was misconstrued as "harrassment" when I was around 8 weeks along. At about 38 weeks along he found a good contract position at a large company. It can be tough times but I'm sure it will work out just fine... Take care of yourself and here's to a healthy journey to december!