Thursday, April 14, 2005


So, I just recently found out what OKC means - Obligatory Knitting Content. I was reading this blog and realized that while I am a member of the Purling Puppies Webring, but Maisy, my precious has been missing from my posts for quite awhile. So, I decided to add some ODC - Obligatory Dog Content.

My dog is not dum - She isn't - I swear. However, she does not understand the power of cars. She doesn't realize that if one were to hit her, it would be all over. She thinks a car coming towards her (thank god we live on a street where the cars go real slow) means she has a friend to sniff. Mind you, she doesn't do this to a real, live human, just cars. We don't have any yard to speak of, so she kind of wanders around to do her business, but I won't let her go across the street, or to the neighbor's houses who I know or believe would be offended, or scared. (For those who are wondering, we ALWAYS clean up behind her - it is mandatory.)

Anyway, if there is one thing she would stop doing, it is that, I really don't like to put her on a leash so she can pee. But I might have to start.

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Elizabeth said...

Hi Jen, Couldn't find your e-mail address. Just wanted to thank you for your great knitting tip. This will also keep the yarn clean. I've used the yarn "bra's" and they work pretty good, but I like your idea. Thank you. Elizabeth