Monday, April 25, 2005

My Darling Husband

So, a friend of mine suggest I join Classmates, cause our obscure American High School in Germany is listed. So I did. I already knew that my DH was a member, so I looked him up after I was a member, and I read his bio. Here is what he said...

Well, I can honestly say my life began 4 years ago. I met a beautiful women on line and she changed my really sad life around. When we married, I began a new life as a husband, father and a responsible person. I still think about my high school days at Grant, but my new life as a father is so much more rewarding. Every now and then I see someone from the old days and they tell me how they are doing...I then realize that I am the richest man in the world...I have a family and that is what I wanted since I was 16 years old.

I am soooo in love.


K said...

Oh, how sweet! :D

HomeJewel said...

How sweet is THAT!!!! He's a keeper!