Tuesday, April 26, 2005


So, I SUCK at completing things. I know a lot of us do, but I really suck! I have been trying to figure out how to fix this. I just was reading a new-to-me Portlander blog. And it seems to me that every week she sets goals for herself, and then reviews them at the end of the week. Because this is Tuesday, I will attempt to do this every Tuesday. I feel soooo good when I finish something, and I still have not finished anything for myself, except the socks from H-E-double hockey stick. So here goes...

  1. Socks from Secret Pal - I have to start the second one, and then after I am finished with it, I can use it to fix the first one. I love this yarn, it is so soft. I can't wait to wear them.
  2. Actually, first should be Malik's birthday bear. His birthday is Thursday and today is Tuesday. I made fair progress on Sunday night, but last night I felt awful and didn't even think about working on it. I am done with the knitting of the body, legs and head. I need to stitch it together. Then I need to knit the ears, arms, and nose and put it together. His birthday is Thursday and his party is Saturday. He might be getting it on Saturday.
  3. DeAndre's Socks - I am making good progress on these, cause it is the only thing I am bringing with me anywear.
  4. Mariah - Oh, how I love thee. I really wanted her to be done by Malik's birthday, but that is not going to happen. I am in the yoke, but I don't pick it up often.
  5. Dad's sweater - I was going along just fine on this, now it is in the bottom of my favorite bag, calling to me from time to time - no worries, though, because I don't have to finish this until June.
  6. Molly's blanket and pillow set - no worries, again, as this isn't due until September. I am about 1/3 of the way done with the squares for the blanket.
  7. My poor, poor blue sweater. This should have been done two years ago. I screwed up and don't know how to fix it. Some day I will bring it to a LYS and get some advice. This one will be on the list for a long time.
  8. My fair isle hat. I only have to finish the crown.

Given the fact that we have baseball games (too cold lately to knit outside), and a birthday party, and I have been feeling so crappy, I am only aiming to finish Malik's teddy bear. I might also get DeAndre's socks done.



LeAnne said...

Oh my God, it is so cool that you linked to me in your blog! Thanks! Yes, I was at the yarn swap. I was the one with the 10 year old girl, my daughter, who is nearly as obsesses with knitting as I am and has her own stash and problems finishing things just like her mom. I'm going to take some time to check out your blog now. Also, you reminded me to do my goals for the week. Not that it helps. I have no willpower and went to Lint again last weekend. Have you been there? My friend Alice is opening an awesome yarn store in Lake Oswego on B street May 15. Called Tangle.

LeAnne said...

Ok, in my other post I meant obsessed, not obsesses. So I just read your post about your husband. I have three children from a former marriage and got married again a year and a half ago to a guy who'd never even dated a woman with children. He's the greatest father and family man I could have ever hoped for. Aren't we lucky!!!!

Jenni said...

Yes, LeAnne we are lucky... I will have to check out that LYS. I haven't been to the other one in Lake O, yet, so maybe both in one day. Lint is great!