Tuesday, April 19, 2005

I got a convert!

So I went to visit my neighbor yesterday to invite her to Malik's party, and give her the big news. When I walked in, I got a big surprise! She was knitting! Her church had a one time only one or two hour class. She took it because she knew I knitted, and she knew she could come to me if she needed help. I was soo excited! Now, someone who is a friend is also a knitter - my first!

Baby news.
I drink - no, am addicted to - coffee. I know you are not supposed to drink coffee when you are pregnant, but it is said that you can have up to four cups. (That is measuring cups, not mugs.) My goal is not to go over two cups. Yesterday I felt awful, then it went away, then I felt awful, again. I figured that it maybe had started around the time I drank some coffee. So, I was more careful today and ate something at the same time as I drank coffee, and I don't feel awful!

It is amazing to me that the day I start having problems - headaches, must eat more, going to the bathroom more - is the same day I get a test back positive. It is like the power of suggestion. I had no problems on Friday. Starting Saturday (I took the test at 5:30 am - I was having problems sleeping, due to pending excitement, or let-down), I have had all those problems.

Also, the last two times I was pregnant I had only one problem. None with Malik, but with DeAndre' I needed to eat some Tums sometimes. Otherwise, nothing! No morning sickness, no headaches, whatever else people get who are pregnant and not me. Oh well, I guess this one will be more fun!


K said...

COngrats!!! I didn't know you were pregnant! How did I miss that post? :D How far along are you? Yippie!! Congrats again!

Danielle said...

Congrats that wonderful.