Monday, May 16, 2005

After the weekend

Warning - no knitting content

Well, so much for feeling better. Saturday afternoon I got a cold. Didn't sleep much, and had a good time in the bathroom at 4:00 in the morning. Thank God my kids were staying that night at my dad's house. I slept until noon. Then all day Sunday I felt AWFUL!!! I need a maternity bra, so I went to Target to buy one, but, of course, they don't carry my tiny size, so I will have to spend $30 at the maternity store, instead of $12 at Target :( !!!

Today I feel alright. I had my doctor's appointment. I had hoped to be able to hear the heartbeat. However, the county health department - no insurance until my DH gets another job - does things a bit different than my regular ob/gyn. Today, I peed in a cup, got my blood pressure taken, stepped on a scale, stood by a thing that says my height, and got some blood drawn. Otherwise, the nurse helped me fill out some papers, and gave me some flyers/booklets. Mind you, I am perfectly capable of filling out my own forms. The good news, I guess, is I didn't have to strip.

On the DH getting a job front - he had an interview last week with a temporary company that went really well. They are hiring for a specific job with a specific company. He knows the program that they use there very well, so it looked promising. Pray!

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