Wednesday, May 18, 2005


So, I was looking at the websites for my LYS's and happened on this site. I have been on this site before, but she recently (to me) added a link for a Used Ashford Traditional Spinning Wheel. Here is a link that is the same idea. I emailed her to see how much it was. $295 I could talk myself out of. Then she said Layaway. That made me go test drive it - walking distance from work - it is cute and not too big, and perfect! I have never spun before. It is a close store so if I ever have problems, I can take it to her (it will fit in the van) to help me.

Not my Secret Pal, but the person who had me as a Secret Pal is great! Check out her blog. She wanted me to help her finish a bag, it was not a lot of work - which is great, since she is in Virginia, and I am in Oregon. She decided to return the favor and ordered some yarn for me to make the Sirdar Pattern I showed off the other day.

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