Friday, May 27, 2005

Yarn in the mail

I love yarn from the mail. ESPECIALLY when I don't have to pay for it. Connie is so sweet. She is the person to whom I was her Secret Pal. So, I bought her stuff and sent it to her. She is a new knitter and has had a couple of easy questions for me. I happily answered her, being proud of myself that I have advanced to the point that I have slightly enough knowledge to answer someone else's questions. I think it is nice to answer questions, you learn your stuff better. Anyway, because she was grateful to me for answering her questions, she decided she wanted to get me something for the baby. I told her I was registered at Target (but have now decided I much prefer Baby Depot at Burlington Coat Factory, due to 8 TIMES more space). She decided after reading this post, she would rather buy me the yarn to make the Sirdar pattern. We worked it out a little, and decided that I wanted a package from Smiley's. It came in the mail yesterday.

Smiley's Posted by Hello

That is 10 balls of Encore DK in sort of a grey color. (It looked a little pink to me, but I asked all three of my boys yesterday, and they said I was crazy - that is good, since we aren't going to find out if it is a boy or girl.) There is something so perfect about a pack of yarn that is still in the plastic. Hasn't been disturbed, at all. Also two each of three colors of sock yarn. Malik picked out the color he wanted. After I finish my sock, I will make him a pair.

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