Monday, May 23, 2005

Husband, and knitting

My husband has always been wonderful, but even more so since I have been pregnant. On top of being pregnant, I have had the most awful cough for a little over a week. During that time, he has been even more wonderful. This weekend I had an awful dream that concerned him. Now, even more wonderful. This morning, I coughed and woke him up a little (that kind of wake up where you go right back to sleep). He told me to scoot over, asked me if I was okay, and told me he was there if I needed him. I almost cried. So sweet. I am soo lucky.

I finished a sock!

DeAndre's sock Posted by Hello

I know that isn't quite the same as finishing something, but in my current knitting state, I have to take what I can get. I also cast on and knitted a couple of inches on sock #2.

Second Sock Posted by Hello

Maybe I can finish it before DeAndre' gets out of school, and he can wear them to school.

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