Friday, May 06, 2005

Metropolitan Area Express

Wierd thing on the MAX this am. First off it was PACKED - which doesn't happen. Then some body announced to the whole train: "Who is going to the Rose Garden (you don’t really want to go to that link because it is under construction - suffice it to say the Trail Blazers play there, most concerts are there, etc.)?" The majority of the people on the MAX hollered back. Every stop, we seemed to be getting more Rose Garden people. By the time we approached the Rose Garden stop, I couldn't even hear the announcement for the stop cause all these people were talking. It was soooooo nice when these people got off! I have no idea what that was about, but when I looked out the window, there were A LOT of people at the Rose Garden. I had visions of it being a satellite feed of Maryland. Part of me wanted to get off and go see.

According to her blog, the Yarn Harlot will be here on August 3! I just wish Debbie Stoller would reschedule her Portland visit, which, by the way, I have no idea what happened.

Last minute, I have to whip out something for my Mother’s Mother’s Day gift. It has to use up stash, and has to be quick. My sister and I decided on coasters because she always drinks her tea while sitting on her chair watching TV. She uses and uses and reuses until it is dead the same paper towel. This way she can have some fresh ones and wash them when she is done. Which means I have to make 7 of them.


LeAnne said...

Oh my God, I didn't know that Harlot was coming!!! We MUST go.

Kim in Oregon said...

Hi...if you guys go to the Yarn Harlot let me know and maybe I can meet you (I'm willling to drive up from Eugene to be part of the fun!)