Tuesday, May 31, 2005

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I had a good knitting weekend. I finished my sock for me. Wait?!?! Did I just say I made something for myself?!?! I think I did say that!!! How amazing!!! I also cast on some more socks for Malik. That means I made three pairs of socks, now. I am sooo proud.

My sock Posted by Hello

Malik's sock Posted by Hello

I decided that my step-dad is getting socks for Father's Day. However, I didn't want to use the yarn I just got, because my Step-dad has pretty big feet, and I don't know if two skeins will be enough, so I didn't want to start a sock and run out. Today me and two friends took a long lunch and went to Mill End Store. They are mostly fabric, but they have a decent yarn selection. I could only find one kind of sock yarn, though. I bought 3 skeins. Now, I can make my brother some for his birthday in July, my DH and my Step-dad some socks for Father's Day. While I was there, I saw the pattern book that goes with Debbie Macomber's book "A Good Yarn." I only skimmed it, but it was nice to see that it really is out there.

Speaking of my step-dad, my DH and I are having our anniversary next month, and Bill called yesterday to ask me what we wanted. I told him a digital camera. I don't know if he can afford it, but I thought you all would like to know that you all might get some decent pictures in the near future. Maybe I can jump into the 21st century.


LeAnne said...

Hey, it's been a few days since I read your blog! I love your finished socks!!! Don't you just LOVE socks. So what are you making for the baby? My sister in law is in the hospital *right now* trying to be induced (it didn't work last week).

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