Thursday, May 26, 2005

Rude people

Last night I got the worst pain in my stomach. While I had this pain, I had to watch my son's baseball game. I really hate sitting in bleachers because there is no back support. So, I had to sit there with no back support and a pain in my gut. Then the team mom (who I don't think has ever liked me) asks me to help out in the concession stand. I politely decline, due to a pain. I think she thought I was one of her kids trying to get out of doing the dishes, or something (whining: But, Mom, my tummy hurts!) and she wasn't having it. She told me that she understood, but the two people who are doing it have already had their turn. Now, a smart person would have made up a schedule at the beginning of the season and distributed it. Not her. She decides to wait until the next minute and then get mad when you say no. Please keep in mind that there were lots of other parents there, but they were all men, therefore, in her mind, not able to work the concession stand. It didn't even occur to her to ask them. So, my DH stepped in during the fourth inning, and helped out - maybe next time she will ask a man or two - doubt it.

Then, there is an opposing attorney who is all gung ho to get a motion filed. My boss is not so anxious to get it filed. Therefore, I am not really excited about it, either. Mind you, my office is basically just him and I. We share space, but as far as phones go, if I ain't here, the phone only gets answered if he hears it. So, apparently, the other attorney's office called and no one answered. That was strike one. The assistant there left a message on Michael's voicemail. I had the nerve to be in the bathroom. The assistant called back and spoke to me. I told her it was just us, and he doesn't always hear the phone. Then I get another call from the attorney. She left me a message (I had the nerve to take a break) while she was talking to a third attorney on three-way call. Since she didn't take me out of the conversation, I could hear her while she went on and on to the third attorney about how we haven't answered the phone all day. I was sooo annoyed! Just cause she thinks this project of hers is so all-fired important, doesn't mean we do, too. Hell, there could be - just could be - something more important we are working on here, don't you think?

Anyway, thanks for letting me vent.

I did work on sock two of my socks from my secret pal yarn, so maybe another FO later on.

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