Tuesday, August 16, 2005

A Goal reached!

Mind you, it was a small goal. But reached, nonetheless! I got the last full repeat done on the front of the Aran! The rest of the front includes shaping for the neck. The total rows for this is the same 24 as the repeat. I am now in the row where I have to knit 72 stitches in pattern, place center 30 sts on waste yarn and work two balls at the same time. BTW, I never use two balls at the same time. I think it is a waste of yarn. I do one side then the other. I put the side I am not doing first on different waste yarn. Since I have soo many knitting events to go to this week, I WILL finish this soon. I might even finish it today! My goal for Monday is to get somewhere in on the sleeve. I haven't worked the sleeves, yet, so I am not going to guess how far I can get. I am going to start the sleeves by doing both at the same time. I may give up on this at some point, put one sleeve on waste yarn, and finish one at a time. I am okay with this. I just want to try it. Of course this means I will have to work two balls at once. I might not like this much. We will see.

Speaking of two balls at once, I ordered the pattern and yarn for a vest for my DH.

Fair Isle Vest Posted by Picasa

I am going to substitute this color:

Hollyberry Posted by Picasa

for the tan color, and use the black with it.

I CAN'T WAIT. I have NO deadline for this!!!! I will have to work on it in secret, and I have a baby coming, so if it happens to be finished in time for some holiday, he will get it for that holiday. If not, he will get it when it is done. I have some options - Christmas, his January birthday, Valentine's day, father's day. OR next Christmas, his January birthday, Valentine's day, father's day!!

DeAndre' lost his tooth on Sunday. We have lived in our house for a little over a year and he and his brother have lost teeth since we have been there. This time he decided that the Tooth Fairy needed help, so he cut a hole in the screen in his window to make sure she can get in.


LisaB said...

Ooh I love that vest!

Fair Isle is so much fun (in my opinion). Good luck with it!

Catherine Kerth said...

good luck with the fair isle! love that vest i have been eyeing it everytime i see knitpicks:) that is the cutest tooth fairy story i have heard!!!