Wednesday, June 22, 2005


I work in a law office. We had a very pleasant afternoon yesterday. That is a lie. Around 2:00 we got a call from an opposing party who is represented by counsel who wanted to speak to the attorney. Now, some of you may not know this, but if you don't you should. If you are party a, and you have an attorney, party b's attorney is not allowed to speak to you, s/he could get disbarred. This rule is not just to have the attorney get in trouble for speaking you, it is also not because the attorney I work for is stonewalling and doesn't want to talk to you. It is in the disciplinary rules.

The "gentleman" who called yesterday "KNEW THE LAW" and was sure that Michael (my boss) was just being an ass. So, of course, he took it out on me. He was yelling at me, and I could not even get a word in edgewise.

He called about 2:00. He had a doctor's appointment at 5:00. Which means (after we got the lawyer issue taken care of) we had to scurry to get a maybe 5 hour project done in less than 3 hours. We made it, but why do people do this. It would be one thing if this was our client demanding this from us, but this man isn't even paying us. (Our client will, but not the point.)

I have been a receptionist for awhile now, so I realize this is standard protocol, but it still annoys me. I get yelled at, and my boss doesn't even take that issue up with the person. I would really appreciate it if my boss had gotten on the phone with this sweet man, and told him where to go and how to get there.

So, changing the subject, this morning I was listening to a local radio station, and they were discussing AFI's 100 list of Movie Quotes. My name is Jenni, that means I will forever hear 867-5309 and "Jenny" said in someone's best impersonation of Forrest Gump. So, when they told listeners to call in, I called in to say "Run, Forrest, Run." So, I was on the radio this morning. It was an experience I had never had before. I wasn't too impressed, then, of course, the DJ (after he had disconnected me) told me to tell Forrest "Hi." I swear I will have alzheimer's and be in a home, and someone will ask me my phone number and I will say 867-5309 and I will wonder where Forrest is. For the record, I have never even seen the movie.

I have knitting news, sort of. I started a sweater from Black Water Abbey Yarns.

halcyon aran pullover Posted by Hello

I can't for the life of me finish anything. I don't even have a lot of drive to knit. What is wrong with me, someone please?

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Elaine said...

I used to fill-in for the receptionist at the law firm I worked for out of college. All I can say is a) I really don't like lawyers in general and b) people can be seriously rude MF's when they think they can push the receptionist around!