Monday, June 20, 2005

Good news and bad news

My DH started a new job today. That is the good news. The bad news is our morning. His shift (for his 2 week training period) is 7-3:45. My shift is 8:30 - 5. Being that school is out for the summer, daycare is involved. After much figuring it out, we decided that my DH's niece will watch the boys. She lives with her three brothers at their mom's house in Milwaukie for only $30 a week. Such a deal.

So, this morning, I took my husband to work downtown (a 10 mile drive), then drove out to Milwaukie to drop the boys off (another 5 miles). Then I had to drive toward downtown (4 miles), but drop the car off and get on a bus (travel time to work 14 minutes), cause parking downtown is way too expensive, and my employer pays for my bus pass. This whole trip took us a little over an hour. At 11:15-ish, my DH will come pick up my bus pass. After he gets off work he will take the bus to pick up the car and then the boys. He will then come pick me up. This is our schedule for the next two weeks. After this, he will get his schedule, and we will tweak this as needed. The worst part of this for me, is my knitting during my commute time just went from an hour a day, to like 10 minutes. The worst part for my DH, is he is pretty sure he isn’t gonna like his job, but is taking it for a paycheck, he is still looking for something better.

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