Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Have you ever done this one?

So yesterday I did a good one while knitting on the Aran sweater. I couldn't find my cable needle, anywhere! I looked all in the couch, in my purse, under the table, in my pants pockets and my shirt, etc. Guess where I found it??? In my knitting! I had used it for a cable, put my stitches on the cable needle, and left them there. Had to tink back about 7 stitches to get my needle back and finish the cable I was in the middle of. I can't believe how much I am getting done on this cable project, while I have other projects just sitting around. This is for a birthday in September, so I really need to work on it, not like the other stuff, which either has no due date, or the due date has passed.

So, I saw that Yarn Harlot will be at Powells on August 3rd. I also heard a rumor that she will be at Abundant Yarn near the time of thier Grand Opening.

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