Wednesday, June 08, 2005

New Grill

The other day I mentioned that we might get a digital camera for our anniversary (which is still 3 weeks away). Apparently, my dad had other plans. He has a key to our house because I believe someone should have an extra key in case of emergencies. So yesterday, we were at a baseball game and my husband got a call on his cell phone that said that he was getting a call from home. I was sitting right next to him, so it couldn't have been me, plus both boys were with me. He was a bit confused and concerned. It was my dad informing us that when we get home, we have something waiting for us for our anniversary. When we got home, there was a HUGE box that contained this grill:

Grill Posted by Hello

It is now in pieces all over our floor. We were also gifted with two huge bags of charcoal. This grill is a smoker and grill. Apparently, my dad has been wanting to get us a grill for two years.

The first thing out of my DH's mouth were "I'm not cleaning this." He has wanted a grill in the backyard since we moved in.

Change of subject - my son is great. I am making his socks, when I realize that father's day is fast approaching, and I want to finish two different pairs before then. I asked him this morning if it would be alright if he got his socks after father's day. He had no problem saying sure. I might make him some special socks. I really wanted to be able to finish his socks in time for him to wear them to school before school got out next Tuesday.

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LeAnne said...

It took us FOUR DAYS to put our grill together.