Thursday, June 16, 2005

A silver lining

It was already a good thing that my MIL's life was taken on Saturday. I don't mean that in a negative way, but she was in so much pain, and had been for so long, that it was time. The funeral was yesterday. My FIL was there. My DH has been not interested in talking to or about his dad for a long time. My DH tried during our wedding two years ago, but it didn't work. My FIL left, instead of staying. Yesterday after the funeral, my DH asked my FIL where he was staying (he lives about five hours away). FIL said he was going to go find a place. My DH volunteered a twin sized bed in our house. I was so happy for them. They (we) talked for a couple of hours last night before we all went to bed. They talked for a couple of hours this morning. Hopefully, this will mean a good truce.


LeAnne said...

You took the "venting" down! I hope you're ok. Don't forget to check out Alice's store.

Jenifer said...

Hi from another Jen who knits! Sorry to hear about your MIL ... no matter how much someone suffers, it's always sad to lose somebody even if you know that their suffering has ended. Best of luck to you both while dealing with this ... and I hope that the silver lining is a true one, too! How's fly lady coming along? I'm about to quit again, but I think that she serves a purpose to remind me of all the stuff I should at least be thinking about doing! Take care,