Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Lots of stuff

Well, here we go. It was a bit of a long weekend. We went to the Rose Festival Grand Floral Parade on Saturday. I knew it was Knit in Public day, so I dutifully brought along my knitting (although I would have brought it, anyway, as I am a regular KIPer). It was pretty much a crazy weather day. It would rain, then stop, for a min it was sunny and warm, then it rained again. Therefore, I only knitted maybe a row in public, because I didn't really want it to rain on my knitting. The parade was fun, dispite the rain. After we went to the carnival. It was a good thing we decided to check out the Coast Guard ships first, because it decided to POUR while were on one of the boats - inside! So we hung out in there until it cleared. Then we went on some rides. I got a frozen chocolate banana, Malik got an elephant ear. DeAndre' met with a friend and left to spend the night.

We got some bad news Saturday early at midnight. The midnight Saturday that is really Friday night. My MIL died. It was actually good news. She was really bad for six months. Couldn't do anything for herself. My DH was really close to her. But he saw her deteriorate every day, so I think that he grieved for six months, and that is why he is not grieving now. He is a bit upset with himself for not grieving.

Yesterday, I had a doctor's appointment. We took the boys, and they got to hear the heartbeat. I asked them later if they thought it was wierd or cool. One said wierd and the other said cool.

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