Tuesday, June 07, 2005


I have no knitting content, today. I am stalled on Malik's sock, since it was a bad sock and was cast on with about 8 too few stitches. I have no interest, whatsoever, in finishing Dad's sweater, which is due tomorrow. I might wrap it unfinished, and give it to him to see if he likes it, something is gnawing at me that he won't like the color. That and the pattern which I don't really enjoy. Plus, I am reading A Good Yarn by Debbie Macomber, and it is due at the library today. I have only a couple of more chapters, left, so I will probably finish it today, but it might not make it home until tomorrow - which will cost me 25 cents. I can't knit and read. Especially on the MAX.

In baby news, it just occured to me that I don't think I have announced our names. For a girl it will be Ayanna Rose Brown (Ayanna is pronounced I-anna - although I am not good at spelling out things so people can say them) and if it is a boy it will (sort of) be named after my DH. Fletcher Marcus William Brown IV. My husband's name is really Fletcher Brown IV, but he goes by Marcus and William is my step-dad's name, my brother's middle name, and my grandfather's name, so that is to include all those people.

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