Friday, August 12, 2005


Today is our dog's birthday!!! Please forgive no knitting content today, if you don’t want to hear my dog’s life story, wait until Monday.

I don't know what I have said before about her, but please forgive me if I am repeating myself. I got her for myself for Christmas in 2002. She was 2 1/2. We got her from the pound. We know very little about her past (for example, her birthday). When she went to the pound from her previous owners her name was Mugs, she had a leather collar with silver buttons that were maybe 2" in diameter, and she was pregnant. The policy of the pound with pregnant dogs is to put them in a foster home until the puppies are placable (sp?). Soon after she went back to the pound, we walked in one Sunday morning. It was me and the boys (my HUSBAND didn't want to come cause he would want every one). She was the first one I saw. Due to the leather collar, I assumed she was a boy. She was the only dog in the place that didn't have a paper on the outside of the cage because she was sharing a cage with another dog. I was partial to boy dogs because we had always had boy dogs. We continued to walk around the whole place but none could compare to her. We took her outside to the place they have set up for visiting with the dogs to see if they are okay for you. She didn't want to interact with us very much, but I soon discovered that if the boys were on one side of the covered outside cubicle, and I was on the other, she might come to me a little. We chose her.

Since she just had puppies, she obviously hadn't been fixed, yet. The other policy the pound has is if an animal isn't fixed, it doesn't go home with the new owners until the pound arranges for an operation. And we had to pay more for her than for another dog who may have been already fixed. Plus, we couldn’t pick her up until after she had the operation. So, although I had envisioned coming home with my new dog, I had to wait from Sunday until that next Wednesday.

Wednesday morning came, and I took the boys to school, went to the dollar store to get her some things, then went to the pound. I think I got there around 9:30. They didn’t open until 10. I waited *patiently* until 10 so I could go get my baby.

Her foster mom, who had renamed her Maisy, was there and wanted to meet me. She informed me that Maisy didn’t much care for men. By the time we got out of there and I had coaxed her into the car (that part took FOREVER), it was time to pick up my son from his morning preschool class. I took her with me, and didn’t go in the school, just had another parent get DeAndré for me. We went home, and left her alone in the house for a little while when we had to go get Malik some time later from school. My husband got off work at either 7 or 8 - I can’t remember what his schedule was then. I called him at sometime in the day, with plans to pick him up from work with Maisy. He was so excited (for the first time) to say “my dog Maisy Brown” on the phone with me after I had her. I’m pretty sure that her foster mom needs to have a chat with her husband. She has not only not never had a problem with my husband, there have been times that I wondered if they couldn’t take care of themselves, and I was only in the relationship to feed both of them.

She took a LOOOOONG time to get comfortable. One night we heard her bark, and we both looked at her and couldn’t figure out what that noise was. It was the first time she barked. I could never find a toy she liked, until one day she found a ball of my yarn that was ATTACHED TO A PROJECT! She liked it at like 10:00 at night - I bought her some balls the next day! It is still the only toy she likes. She has always jumped at the slightest movement or loud noise. She used to move anytime I moved. (She still does this, but not to the same extent.) She used to move anytime someone wanted to walk over her when she was on the floor, now she just lays there. She is a black lab mostly, but she HATES water!!! Except to drink. When I picked her up, she had two grey hairs between her shoulder blades. Now her whole beard area is grey, the underside of her tail, and lots of other hairs here and there. She gets grey from worrying, which she does often. She doesn’t like other dogs, she is scared of them, even the little ones that she can step on if she wanted to.


(These pictures were all taken a couple years ago at the park on the same day. I ran out of film before I got one with DeAndre'. He was not happy with me, and I guess I forgot to fix that problem.)

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She is rolling around here:

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