Tuesday, January 25, 2005


I discovered that with no cable box, I can't watch one of my favorite shows. It comes on Sunday nights on Showtime. It is called Huff. It stars Hank Azaria. He was in Mad About You, was married to Helen Hunt and was in the movie “Tuesdays with Morrie.” It is a really good show, if you get the chance, check it out. Also, our cable boxes in the living room and our bedroom were our main source of the time. We have no clock in the living room and no clock other than the alarm clock in our bedroom. We have been in our house since June, and I have been meaning to get a clock, but hadn’t gotten around to it. Guess what is high priority for me this weekend. I would do it before this weekend, but I never go to Target on weekdays unless I don’t have to go to work. Going to Target on weekdays after work means dealing with possibly the worst rush hour traffic in Portland, so I wait until the weekend. (For those of you familiar with Portland, I go to the Target at Jantzen Beach, and I have to get on I-5 two exits before the bridge.)

Thanks sooo much to Fiber and Kimberly for their good thoughts. Especially thanks to Kimberly for making me such a nice button:

I really appreciate it.Posted by Hello

I found a new knit a long yesterday. It is the First Time Socknitters KAL. Wish me luck.

I finished one sleeve of Ben’s birthday sweater. Now I only have one sleeve, weave in ends (so many ends) and block and seam. I have two weeks. Nothing like putting it off. Of course, I would be done by now if it weren’t for…


I am done with the back, the left front and this morning I finished the cabling on the right front. Now it is stockinette stitch all the way up. Then on to the intimidating (to me) sleeves.

I found some beads for Pasha’s eyes, but I am a little stuck on how to put them on. I should have put the eyes on before I stuffed it. I think I will not use beads but instead, use just some embroidery floss. Do both eyes at once.

I got my order from Smiley’s yesterday. I ordered some yarn for Malik’s teddy bear. I ordered Lion Brand Imagine. I ordered it without feeling it or seeing it or anything - scary! It is 80% acrylic and 20% mohair. I started his bear yesterday on size nine needles. The first needles I tried were slick, and this yarn is very slick! Didn’t work very well. Then I found some wooden needles - much better. The first couple of rows were kinda tough, cause this yarn doesn’t like to sit still for an increase, but after that, it was fine. The material it is making is really soft. GREAT for a teddy bear!
Some of the other yarn I bought was for the Hourglass Knit a Long. Now, I just have to wait until I can get the book from the library. I put it on hold on 11/24/2004. They own 6 copies. They have 37 holds and I am number 8 of 37. I would have bought it by now if I felt I could justify the expense. I am so cheap, sometimes it hurts

I knew I was forgetting something....

Malik's basketball game on Saturday! The first game was on January 8th. We won 30-13. The second game was cancelled due to ice. The third game (the 22nd) we won. (announcer voice) We have seventeen seconds on the clock, Sabin ballers 35, other team 33. Other team player has free throw 1 and 1. (Non-basketball fans - that means if he makes the first one, he earns a second one, if not he doesn't get the second one.) If he makes both shots, the game will go into overtime. Oh, look at that, he missed! That means the Sabin Ballers take thier record to 2-0 with a 35-33 win over the "whatever-the-other-team-is-called!!!"

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