Thursday, January 13, 2005

Loooooong weekend

This will not be my favorite weekend! Marcus's (my DH) mother is quite ill and he has to go to California to be with her. He is leaving tonight after work. He will be back sometime on Monday (or maybe early Tuesday). I hate sleeping alone! I also don't like not having him around to play with - (get your minds out of the gutter) he makes me laugh all the time. However, I get to fine tune his gift some more. I finished knitting it on Tuesday, but there are a couple (really only a couple) of ends to weave in and it needs to be blocked. So, it is good timing for him to leave. Also, his birthday is Tuesday, so I can do some stuff for that, too.

I started Mariah last night. I needed help beginning it - I have never used a chart before. I got help from Savannahchik. THANKS! Then I cast on. I ripped out the first two rows two times, but I am now off and running and about 8 rows in! Oh - I am doing the back first. Since I have never used a chart or cables before, it would be best to start small, and those sleeves do not look like something I was ready to start with. I will get my courage up before I do those.

I am going to go shopping at Smiley's Yarns tomorrow - pay day and get a bunch of $1 yarn for my son's present, and maybe I will take up Hourglass KAL, again. I plan to spend $50, including the $9 shipping.

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