Friday, January 14, 2005

New project

New project

I knew I wanted to make Malik (my oldest) a stuffed animal for his birthday on April 28, but I didn't know what pattern to use - well, I found it. It is in Knitting For Baby. I just picked it up from the library. Now I just have to get started - after my brother's present is done.

More Mariah

Speaking of which, since Mariah has entered my life, I seem to not have any interest in my brother's present. It is not really portable, as there are stripes, and I don't want to have to carry around all that yarn. Therefore, Mariah has been coming with me.


My husband got to Cali alright. Thanks for any prayers.


I think I will try again for the Hourglass KAL. I got some yarn at Smiley's today that might work.


I am quite sick of not knowing what I am doing on this blog. If anyone can give me some pointers how to get those darn buttons in a column, I would greatly appreciate it! I looked at KR pointers, but they didn't help. I can get the buttons on the page, but How do I tell it that I want it to be in a column?!?!?!

I hope I have a reader or two out there that can help me out! Actually, even to have a reader or two would be nice!


I know you all are wondering why I don't have any pictures. Well, I live in the dark ages and do not have a digital camera! I know "WHAT?!?!?" I don't even have a camera phone - "OH MY GOSH! HOW DOES SHE SURVIVE?!?!?" I have an old fashioned camera, and I get pics returned with a disc. But I haven't been using it regularly. However, next week I should be able to post some pics. I will see my sister who has a digital camera and she may be able to shoot some pics for me. Hope for me.


Violet said...

Hi Jen! I can help you with your blog!! You need to post your html to your template in blogger. Look for the sidebar entry. I will try to help you out more later. Hope that helps!!

Kim in Oregon said...

Jenni, I love Mariah, and look forward to seeing it progress. Maybe we can knit together in Portland some time!

jodi said...

Hey, I found your blog through Claudia's comments and just thought I'd say hi! I'm using movable type, and I don't know how to get the buttons in either.