Wednesday, January 26, 2005


The thing I like least about blogging is coming up with titles.

Anyway, I wove in most of the ends on the front of Ben's sweater last night. Today will be a "lots-of-time-for-knitting-day" I have a lunch seminar, and then a "class" tonight. Seminar is an hour, class is an hour and a half, and I can knit in both the whole time. Plus the commute on the bus, which is a total of an hour. Therefore, last night I also started on my sock for the first time socknitters along. I needed to make sure I had some mindless knitting to do today. I am working on Mariah's right front, and I am up to about 7 1/2". I have to stop at 13", so I am almost done with that. I think after I finish that, I will have to put her on hold until after my deadlines are met on other projects. Those sleeves probably won't be portable for me.

Make eyes on DeAndre's penguin. Go to JoAnn's to get some embrodiary thread. Due Feb 2
Last sleeve, weave in ends, seam and block Ben's sweater. Due Feb 9
Malik's teddy. Not due until April 28.
I will start my Fair Isle hat class on Saturday. That ends Feb 19.
Finish my darn sweater that has been a WIP for maybe 2 years and is almost done.
Malik has a sweater he wants fixed.

None of this is really portable. That means I will have socks with me for awhile. I am proud of the start of my socks. It is 2X2 rib, and so far I see no mistakes.

Sock Posted by Hello

I think that is all.

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Anonymous said...

Well, hello there, lady! It's your friendly neighborhood Secret Pal here just wanting to say, HI! I got your name today and wanted to let you know I'm perusing your site for clues about you. ;) Would you mind taking the questionnaire since you don't have much information up on your site yet. Post it, or if you you don't feel comfortable doing that, email it to me!

We're going to have so much fun!!