Monday, January 31, 2005

This was supposed to be yesterday

Well, I finished Pasha Sunday night. I tried embrodiary thread - didn't like it. So I used the beads I bought at Dava Bead for the eyes.

Worked on my sock for a little bit, but not long. I am now at the middle of the foot. I wanted to wear them today, but that didn't happen.

Worked on Ben's sweater for a bit. I only have the one sleeve to finish. I don't like all the decreases mixed in with the color changes - one or the other, but not both. I have even wove in most of the ends! If I could get off my a$$ and finish that last darn arm, I could have been done by now! His birthday is in 8 days!!!

My Fair Isle Hat class was cancelled due to low enrollment. It may be rescheduled - TBA. I was soooo excited to take that class.

I have to frost the cake tonight for DeAndré's birthday.

I finished the front of Mariah. (Did I say that already??) I started one sleeve Sunday night. I don't know how far I got. Past the first two inches, and one line on Chart C.


K said...

Pictures! i need pictures!!!

Jenni said...

I'm still living in the dark ages and trying to work out some pictures.