Wednesday, January 05, 2005

One New Year's Resolution

I don't generally believe in New Year's Resolutions. If I need to change something about myself - which I have a lot of things (don't we all?) I don't wait to New Year's - I either change it, I constantly work on it, or I procrastinate about doing it - procrastinating wins out most of the time. However, this year I have a few. They are all knitting related. I couldn't start them before New Year's because of Christmas presents that were deadlined first.

One is to learn Fair Isle. Well, I just signed up for a class! It is:
Colorful Topper
Learn two-handed or Fair Isle knitting techniques while creating a fun multi-colored cap. The cap is knit in the round using circular and double-pointed needles.

I had to check with my son, first, because this is right during basketball season! I do have some guilt, but the class only meets three times, and if I have to miss a game, it will only be the second half. We don't have the full schedule out, yet, just the first half. I have never missed any of his games. And he plays a lot. Well, I guess I have missed some, but only if both boys had games at the same times.

I am VERY excited about the chance to learn this. I can't wait to start. It starts on the 29th of January. I will post an update then.

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